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Mission Statement

Accessible MediEquip (USA) Will make you proud of your decision to be our valued customer . . .

Our global network of subsidiaries and representatives consists of knowledgeable, experienced locally based dedicated individuals to serve our customers.

  • Accessible MediEquip (USA)

    Our mission is to ensure maximum return on your investment.

    Why allow limited budget to dictate the kind of solutions to implement?
    With Accessible MediEquip (USA) solution, you will be able to upgrade to the standard of medicine you would like to provide for your patients.


  • Our Quality Assurance Program Gives us:

    1: Total confidence in the equipment we sell and thus we provide warranty.

    2: Our equipment complies with all industry and government standards.

    3: Our equipment is calibrated and certified to meet FDA & ISO requirements.

    4: Our technical certification ensures that our equipment does not experience costly breakdowns, has sustained integrity of operations, and has an increased productive life span.
  • Products, Commissioning and Training

    All manufactures, Surgical & Diagnostic, patient ready medical equipment. Quality products are manufactured by Accessible MediEquip (USA).

    Every piece of equipment put in place will be accompanied by a team of engineers to implement installation and training of personnel.

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