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Why Accessible MediEquip (USA)

Our Senior Management team each has in excess of twenty years experience in health care/ insurance space.

Accessible MediEquip (USA) has been for the past fifteen years providing medical equipment to public and private health care facilities in India, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda.

During this period, we have commissioned anesthesia systems, patient monitors, ventilators, Neo Natal ICU equipment, and additional equipment as required for projects by our clients.

We have concentrated on providing top level product with extensive life span for the equipment. Our equipment has been manufactured in the USA with the exception of the ventilators being manufactured in Israel.

Our offices in East Africa and India consist of knowledgeable, experienced, dedicated individuals to serve our customers. Our services provide viable, cost effective solutions for the efficient and technical upgrades of medical facilities.

We are able to provide expert consultation, state of the art equipment, technical installation and training. We assist our clients in accessing financial support for projects from WHO, IMF, EU, and US Department of State.

Additionally, we have provided acquisition assistance to several health care facilities in drafting the procurement procedures and specifications for equipment supplied by other manufacturers/suppliers.

Accessible MediEquip (USA) is a Division of DMASC Holdings, Inc. which owns Accessible Home Health Care Services, a multinational home health care company providing in-home care from its 105 locations to thousands of patients.

We are based in Florida (USA) with full service offices in India and Kenya (serving East Africa).

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